2 Portable Ways to Summer-proof Your Rental Flat

Posted on: 7 May 2015

The rental market in many Australian cities is highly competitive and you may find you're forced to take on a property that lacks all the essential summer mod-cons just to make sure that your family has a place to live.

Some rental property owners are receptive to installing new items that the tenants feel are necessary to live comfortably during the warmer weather, but many are reluctant to spend money and negate the benefits of their financial investments. Likewise, many tenants are reluctant to pay for property improvements which will have to stay behind when they move on. Here are two summer weather essentials that you can use in your rental property and then take with you to your next home.

1. Magnetic fly screens

Fly screens are essential if you want to keep out the flies, mosquitoes, and other creepy crawlies which are an unavoidable part of life. Many or all windows and doors in rental properties don't have them which means you either have to live with the pests invading your home or keep the house shut up tight. This isn't so bad in the winter months but during summer it can turn your home into an oven.

Magnetic flyscreens are a great solution. They are custom made fly screens which can be attached easily to any metal door or window frame and removed just as easily. If your rental property has timber door and window frames, the magnetic fly screens also come with thin metal strips which can be attached to the frame. Learn more by consulting suppliers like Phantom Screens Perth.

2. Portable air conditioners

Hard-wired air conditioning units are expensive to buy and install, and it's very rare that a property owner will agree to a tenants requests for one. Fortunately, small free standing air-conditioning units have come a long way from the unsightly and noisy units that used to be available. Modern portable air conditioning units are sleek, virtually silent, and very efficient.

They come in a variety of sizes so you can choose one which will effectively cool your living space without being too powerful. These units are excellent because you can easily move them from the living room to the bedroom when you go to bed at night for a cool and relaxing night's sleep. Modern technology means that these smaller units are often far less expensive to run than the larger hard-wired models.

Both of these items will make summer living far more bearable in your rental property. Although they will cost you some money, at least you can be assured that the monetary investment moves with you instead of adding value to someone else's property.