Window Replacement? Buy Aluminium Sliding Windows

Posted on: 30 August 2016

Instead of replacing your windows with the conventional design that open outward or inward, consider installing aluminium sliding windows. These windows are characterised by two panes of glass: one that is fixed and one that slides to open and close the windows. The movable pane slides on a track that has been installed within aluminium framing. There are a number of ways that aluminium sliding windows can be beneficial to your home.

Aluminium sliding windows are durable

One of the things you will note about these sliding windows is they do not come with an assortment of springs and pulleys to facilitate the opening and closing of the windows. Typically, the more components integrated into the window, the more movable parts are at risk of succumbing to wear and tear. This in turn results in regular repair and replacement of the various parts, which will inevitably increase your overall maintenance costs of the windows. Aluminium windows comprise fewer movable components and this makes them a more durable option when compared to other alternatives. What you would be required to do is ensure the track is free of dirt to prevent any blockages that would impede the sliding of the windows.

Aluminium sliding windows are user-friendly

Complex window designs may add an aspect of uniqueness to your residence. However, having to open and close them on a daily basis can prove to be cumbersome over time. This is especially true if you have disabled or elderly people in the home who may not be able to easily access the windows. A benefit of aluminium sliding windows is all you need to do is release their latch to facilitate opening the window. Additionally, since they only need the latch to be secured, you eliminate the chances of your windows jamming due to the multiple parts being used to operate them.

Aluminium sliding windows proffer enhanced functionality

Although the main function of windows is to let natural light into the home, this does not have to be their exclusive use. With aluminium sliding windows, you can incorporate other features that will enhance the functionality of your windows. For instance, one option you can consider is glazed panes of glass. The glazing will function to enhance the energy efficiency of your household, which in turn will decrease your energy bills over time. Another option you could consider is insect screens. Since sliding windows fit flush into the wall, opening and closing them would not interfere with any screens you have in place. This can work toward enhanced ventilation during the summer while still keeping the bugs out.