Keep Your Roller Shutters in Great Condition Using Only These 4 Items

Posted on: 20 July 2018

Do you have a food stand, a small theatre or any other space and you are looking for window covers? Are you unsure about installing roller shutters for your window because they seem like hard work to maintain? Worry not because you only need these four items in keeping them as good as new.


When cleaning your roller shutters, you only need water to do the job. You may choose to add some things such as baking soda or soap depending on the material makeup of the shutters, but the basic cleaning agent is water.

Regular cleaning of roller shutters keep them looking shiny and new. Dust and other dirt can stain and corrode the shutters so you should always clean them when you can. Use a soft cloth to gently wash the roller shutters' surfaces. You can use a soft toothbrush for the hard to reach points.


Roller shutters are retractable and have moving parts. Just like any metal that moves, you need grease to regularly lubricate the moving parts. When the parts are not greased, they may get stuck therefore preventing the roller shutters from fully rolling up or down. Greasing also helps in the prevention of corrosion. The layer of oil acts as a barrier for air to act on the water that may be on the roller shutter's surface therefore preventing any rusting.


Whenever you feel like your roller shutters are fading in appearance, or you just want to change the monotony of their appearance, having pain will solve your problems. All you have to do is get the colour that you want and painting supplies and you are done. Use oil based paint as opposed to water based ones for a longer duration. However if you are fond of changing your shutter's colour, then go for water based paints as they are cheaper and they dry fast.

Drip Edge

If you plan on installing the roller shutters to the exterior of your house or shop or office, then you should have a drip edge. This is the part of the roof which extends to divert the rain water from directly falling into your windows and walls. A drip edge is important because most roller shutters are made of metals which will corrode and eventually get damaged with prolonged exposure to water and rust. The drip edge also keeps the roller shutters considerably clean as opposed to if there were no rain barriers.