Why Are Venetian Blinds a Good Idea for Bathrooms?

Posted on: 29 July 2020

Venetian blinds have been around for millennia, so they are tried and tested window treatments that have stood the test of time. However, they are not always seen in bathrooms where other options tend to be preferred. That said, Venetian blinds look very good in all sorts of bathroom designs, so you should certainly consider fitting them in yours when you next redecorate. Why is this sort of window treatment particularly suited to bathrooms? 

Suited to Any Window Type

To begin with, Venetian blinds will cover any window shape you have in your bathroom. They can be made to measure, which means that they will fit into any window recess at all, thereby providing you with total privacy from prying eyes that might be able to look inside. Even if you don't opt for tailored Venetian blinds, standard ones can be hung from the wall in front of the window recess. As such, they can cope with any unusual shapes you might have, even arched windows or portholes! Even floor-to-ceiling windows can be covered, so they're ideal for en-suite internal partitions made from glass as well as external windows.

Easy to Wipe Over

All bathroom window treatments get splashed from time to time. They will be susceptible to water if they are anywhere near to your shower enclosure, for example. Even if they are not, then moisture can build up from vapour that condenses on the blinds and the window's glazing. However, unlike things like roller blinds or Roman blinds, Venetian ones won't trap water in their material. Wooden, aluminium and plastic slats can all be turned to their vertical position and wiped over or dried off using a sponge, something that makes them ideal for use in a bathroom or a wetroom, of course.

Adjustable Slats

When you have a roller blind or curtains fitted in your bathroom, you can only operate them either vertically or horizontally. This is not the case with Venetian blinds because you can raise and lower them just like other types of blinds. However, you can also adjust the pitch of their slats, which allows you the same sort of control you would obtain from a pair of curtains. In other words, you can ensure there is enough light to see what you are doing while also making sure there is no unwanted glare. Even if your window does not have frosted glass, this ability to fine-tune their position also means you can ensure privacy is maintained when you need it.

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