What Makes Windows Made From Aluminium and Glass Stand Out? Find Out

Posted on: 15 April 2021

Some homeowners choose contemporary window designs to beautify and style their houses. Others choose sealed windows to reduce heating and cooling expenses and consequently the energy bills. Aluminium windows are highly customisable to suit these needs. That is why many homeowners use them. Here are three unique ways aluminium and glass windows stand out from other window types. 

They Are Highly Durable

Generally, aluminium strongly resists corrosion. Besides, you can trust glass on aluminium window frames to provide strong protection against wind, moisture, and rain. You can install this type of window in areas with harsh climatic conditions because aluminium is naturally strong. 

Aluminium windows last longer than their timber counterparts before you think of replacing them. Steel, in comparison, is also prone to quick damage because it can rust. Aluminium windows are ideal for bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens. 

They Offer an Ability to Vary the Style

Homeowners usually select window styles that suit their home needs and themes. The most common type and style are aluminium sliding windows. They are easy and quick to operate because you only need to slide the windows from one side to the other. They are easier to customise, and you can glaze or seal them to reduce heating and cooling costs. 

Casement windows are preferable for houses located in breezy areas. You can tilt them at an angle to allow gentle breezes. They are also more secure because the casement locks are attached to the frames. Aluminium bi-fold windows open up to stack on one side of the frame. They are the best when you want uninterrupted access to the outdoor space. They leave enough space in between the frames when opened. 

Aluminium tilt turn windows are very flexible and allow a lot of air into the house. That is because they can move horizontally and vertically. They are ideal if you have limited space outside the house or a small balcony because they open inwards. 

They Are Cheaper Than Wood and Steel

Aluminium windows not only cost less than wooden and steel windows but are also less costly to maintain. In fact, they are less expensive than uPVC windows. Moreover, they are cheaper and easier to transport to the location and install compared to the heavier timber and steel windows. 

Although aluminium is a better heat conductor than wood, it is easy to seal and maintain. You also incur fewer replacement costs due to its durability. Aluminium windows and glass are resistant to flame damage and provide a good shield against wind and rainwater. You can install them on your residential or commercial property to offer added security. 

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