Ways to De-Mist Your Double Glazing

Posted on: 15 November 2022

One of the biggest benefits of using double glazing is that it reduces the amount of condensation that enters your home. As a pleasant secondary benefit, you're then less likely to encounter mould. When you start to notice regular bursts of mist on your double-glazed windows, it's easy to assume something is wrong. However, before you ask a repair team to work their magic, it's worth trying some easy fixes.

Ventilate the Room

Consider the room where the mist is appearing. If it's in your bathroom or kitchen, it may be that you're not ventilating it adequately. Both types of rooms should feature an extractor fan for ventilation to take place when you're showering or cooking. Check to see if it switches on every time you engage in an activity that may cause condensation. If your kitchen has an extractor hood over the hob, look at it to make sure there are no grease-causing clogs. Grease can build into blockages over the years, so cleaning the hood should make it more effective. Similarly, check your other extractor fans throughout your home to see if dust is getting in the way.

Open the Trickle Vents

Your window frames may feature trickle vents. If you leave them closed, it increases the chances of condensation occurring. When you open the vents, they allow polluted air to escape and fresh air to enter. Another benefit of trickle vents is that they prevent condensation from occurring. If you don't know where your vents are located, try asking the team who installed your double glazing. 

Turn the Heating Down

When the weather gets cold and you start to turn your heating up, condensation is likely to occur. Warm air holds moisture. As it moves from your HVAC to the windows, it then meets cool air. That cool air releases the moisture from the warm air, causing condensation to occur. One way to avoid this is by turning the temperature down. Try to keep it at a comfortable level so that you can stay warm indoors without creating condensation.

Tackle Excessive Condensation

Small amounts of condensation can usually be fixed with easy remedies. However, when excessive amounts of water are trickling down, there may be something wrong with your double glazing. To reduce the risk of mould, use a dehumidifier in that room and turn the heating up. You should also call a repair specialist so they can fix your double-glazed windows and make the problem go away.

For more information about double-glazed windows, reach out to a local service.