• Laminated glass vs double glazing: Which is the best choice?

    More homeowners are realising that regular windows may not be enough to obtain energy efficiency in the home. Indeed, a single-frame glass window easily leaks air and can potentially result in higher heating/cooling costs. A better solution for your home is to consider adding a thicker layer of glass to your windows. You can do this in several ways. Two of the most common solutions are double glazing or using laminated glass.
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  • Keep Your Roller Shutters in Great Condition Using Only These 4 Items

    Do you have a food stand, a small theatre or any other space and you are looking for window covers? Are you unsure about installing roller shutters for your window because they seem like hard work to maintain? Worry not because you only need these four items in keeping them as good as new. Water When cleaning your roller shutters, you only need water to do the job. You may choose to add some things such as baking soda or soap depending on the material makeup of the shutters, but the basic cleaning agent is water.
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