New Windows | 4 Types Of Steel Window Frames Suited To Your Home's Needs

Posted on: 18 May 2016

If you've decided to install steel windows, then you've made a good choice because steel is a low maintenance, lightweight and flexible material, offering sufficient thermal resistance in your home. Steel is an ideal choice over wood and aluminium in many circumstances, thanks to its aesthetic value and resilient strength in all weather conditions. This guide is created to help you choose between different types of steel window frames for your home's specific needs.

Steel Casement Window Frames

Steel casement window frames are attached to glass panels using hinges. These types of window frames can be top-hung, side-hung or bottom-hung, which assists opening from different directions. They are highly popular in many residential bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens because of their slim classic design and sturdy construction. They provide convenience airflow and can be right, left or double handed based on the swing direction.

Steel Hopper Window Frames

Steel hopper windows are usually hinged at the window bottom and open inwards from the top. These types of window frames are most popular in basements and other small spaces like a study or entertainment room within your home. Offering a slim and strong construction, these window frames deliver both aesthetic appeal and seamless functionality in the smallest rooms of your home.

Steel Fixed Window Frames

Steel fixed window frames cannot be closed or opened because of their fixed characteristics. The whole purpose of these types of frames is to allow only light to filter into the room, making them suited to rooms where you don't want to open your windows. Steel fixed window frames curb the amount of ventilation in your room, so they are often paired with vents or casement windows. Fixed steel windows can either have a single, large glass pane, or they can contain several smaller panes separated by bars with intersecting joints.

Steel Pivot Window Frames

Steel pivot window frames come equipped with horizontal or vertical rotating panels. This window frame style is visually attractive and features an intricate design, making it a popular choice in modern homes. The pivot rotation enables good ventilation, allow you to enjoy uncompromised airflow. Their visual appeal makes them a good choice for living rooms and bedrooms, especially if you like to keep your windows open for a better part of the day. These window frames are relatively low maintenance and can be locked to prevent unwarranted break-ins.

If you're planning to install new windows in your home, consider these window frame types based on your specific home needs.