Why privacy films are better than curtains and blinds

Posted on: 15 June 2016

Curtains, drapes and blinds are normally used in business premises and homes to minimize sunlight penetration and glare as well as increase a sense of privacy. However, they have several limitations. Blinds, for example, reduce visible sunlight and glare; however, they don't prevent the entry of solar heat inside the living space. Moreover, they neither block ultraviolet rays nor reduce fading. You might also notice that drapes and curtains lose their color over time. This is as a result of the ultraviolet rays that penetrate through and results in fading on all kinds of surfaces, from furniture to fabrics to flooring. Another problem is that blinds, curtains and drapes get dirty and need routine cleaning and washing. A better alternative to the above-mentioned window treatments is privacy window film. Read on to discover why.

Privacy film tackles issues at their source

Privacy window films are easily applied to the inside of the house or office windows, and they require little or no maintenance. When you seek the services of a professional window tinting company, you have access to a huge variety of window film products which are installed by a team of professionals. This eradicates the possibility of the privacy film peeling over time.

Everything is taken care of as well by a privacy film. It prevents the entry of ultraviolet rays inside the home, which means you don't have to worry about your fabrics, flooring or other belongings fading. Additionally, it blocks a significant portion of the sun's heat, eradicating heat gain and hot spots. Picture a scenario where you can watch your favourite TV program without a glare or finish your work assignments in the living room without struggling in a hot spot.

The aspect of privacy is also tackled without necessarily impacting natural light penetration. To achieve this, the bottom half of your window can be installed with the window film while the upper half is left in its original state. In effect, your windows will allow for light penetration while at the same time prevent eye glances from passers-by.

Before, you assume that privacy window films aren't as attractive as a stylish set of curtains or drapes, think again. Decorative window films are available in various colors and designs to match your taste. Most importantly, privacy window films address concerns right at the source. Instead of buying curtains and blinds that only complete half of the task, why not invest in a final solution like window tinting?