4 Reasons to Fit Security Shutters Over Your Home's Windows Instead of Grilles

Posted on: 16 December 2018

When you want to protect your home from uninvited guests or protect your windows from damage, you'll probably assume traditional fixed grilles are the best way to go. While fixed grilles can do a good job, you might also want to think about security roller shutters. Fixed outside your windows, these can be rolled up and down when you need that added security.

Here are just four reasons why you should fit security roller shutters instead of fixed grilles.

1. More Complete Protection

Fixed grilles do provide a wonderful safeguard against intruders – even with the window behind wide open, nobody will be able to get through. However, the issue with grilles is that they don't cover the entire window. If someone simply wants to break your window, they'll be able to do so with ease. Additionally, people will be able to see in through the grille. Security shutters can be rolled down to completely cover the window. No damage can be done and nobody can see through.

2. Easy to Put Up and Down

Probably the most obvious flaw with a grille is that it needs to be fixed to the window, so you won't simply be able to pop it off when you want unobstructed views. In contrast, roller blinds can be rolled up when you don't need added security to provide the clear open views and refreshing airflow of a normal window. You can then roll them down when you're going away, going to bed, expecting a storm and so on.

3. Superior Insulation

One thing grilles don't do very well is provide insulation. Of course, that isn't really part of their job description, but it's something you might want to take into account. When security shutters are rolled down over your windows, they help control the amount of heat that gets in or escapes. Fitting them can mean cooler rooms during the summer and warmer rooms during the winter. Additionally, shutters also provide insulation against noise, so they're a good choice if you live next to a road or a busy street.

4. Nicer Appearance

Finally, keep in mind that grilles usually don't look very nice. They might seem presentable enough when first installed, but they'll quickly start to look their age, and they aren't generally associated with high-end housing. Even when they're rolled down, security shutters present a nicer appearance. When they're rolled up, you'll barely even be able to tell they're there.