Important Questions to Ask Before Investing in Car Window Tints

Posted on: 23 October 2020

Are you planning to install car window tints soon? Car window tinting offers a wide range of health and aesthetic benefits. If installed correctly, the window tints will transform the car's appearance and last a long time, giving you value on your investment.

With that said, you'll want to ensure you are making informed decisions during the installation, especially if you have never installed tints on your vehicle. Consider asking your provider the following questions before getting the window tints.

Should you wash the windows in advance?

One of the leading car window tinting preparation tips you should consider is to clean the windows before you bring the vehicle to the professionals. Depending on the condition of the windows, you may choose to get an expert to clean the windows or just scrub them with a clean cloth.

Whatever option you choose, you should ensure all the grime is removed so the tint can fit perfectly without forming air bubbles. Remember that the car tint installer will also clean the entire window and the surrounding areas, so ensuring the window is grime-free will save time.

Does the tint darkness level matter?

Most car owners assume that they can choose any tint for their car windows, but this isn't necessarily the case. Usually, different areas have regulations for tinting, so what might be acceptable in one area could be illegal in another. So, consider confirming the actual degree of tint darkness that is allowed in your area.

Some states even allow different levels of darkness for the front and rear car windows, so you cannot just assume. The good news is that installers know these regulations and will share the details if you aren't informed so you can make smart choices and avoid getting fined.

Will the tints last?

The key to getting value for your investment is to ensure you get window tints that last a long time.  But, how will you know the durability of the tints? Well, the first determining factor is the type of tint you choose. For this reason, it is essential to familiarise yourself with the five common types of window tints, which include dyed, ceramic, metallised, carbon, and hybrid tints.

Each of these tints comes with unique features that meet varying customer needs, so pick the one that matches your requirements. Other factors that influence tint longevity include maintenance, environmental elements and general weather conditions. Do not forget to ask about the warranty — the longer the warranty is, the better.

To learn more, contact an automotive window tinting company.